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International Rust Fest

Point Loma
San Diego, California
Thursday Oct 18 - Saturday Oct 20, 2018

The International Rust Fest is an annual gathering of the RUST (Neil Young fans) Community, including Rusties from the original "Rust List" and "Human Highway" mail groups. It is open to all Rusties, their friends, and families.

Thursday 18 October 2018:
Activities tbd

Friday 19 October 2018:
IRF XXII will take place at The Loma Club in San Diego:
- Local house band Mark Fisher 17:30-18:30 
- Electric Rust music with house band Keith Haman Ensemble 19:00 - 22:00
All Rust musicians are welcome to perform. Keith's band will offer support
- IRF XXII Rusted Raffle including the 'More Barn Mirror' - 22:00
- Acoustic Rust Music 22:15 - midnight

Saturday 20 October 2018:
The 2018 Rust Fest is co-located with the 2nd annual Beyond Bridge Benefit concert at The Loma Club in Point Loma, San Diego. See below for info and tickets.


2nd Annual
Beyond Bridge

The Loma Club, Point Loma, San Diego
Saturday 20 October 2018

Particle Kid - Brothers Gow - Trouble in the Wind - Joe Marcinek Band with GrooveSession - Keith Haman - Hair of the Dog - Tim GuitarMan & Friends - The Jefferson Jay Band - The Tenants - Jenna Cotton - Susan Addams - UnKannie - Allright - Zebulon Bowles