The IRF Jam

Photo by "A Fireman"

Of course, what's a Rust Fest without a Rustie Jam!

Once again its that time of year to begin planning your trek to the Bridge School Benefit concerts and International Rust Fest. Rusties and Zumans interested in celebrating the songs of Neil Young, the jam will take place at Hill Top in the Saratoga Springs campground just minutes away from the BSB concert.

We're planning the jam for: Friday, October 24th

Since IRF 98 the Friday Rustie Jam has been somewhat managed.  Participants would send me their set lists and let me know whom they we’re playing with and I’d try to schedule the whole thing out.  This method may have worked out alright, but there we’re quite a few that weren’t aware of a signup, or just wanted to show up and ‘maybe’ play.  This was totally cool, and actually encouraged people to just come out anyway even if they couldn’t decide until the last minute.  So, having said that, and, with input from some of you, we’ve decided to roll it back to IRF 97 and give it back to the musicians, where it rightfully belongs.  Let it be more spontaneous!  It’s important that everyone who wants to play/sing/backup gets an opportunity, please keep in mind that each solo, duet, or band tries to keep between a half hour and an hour total.  You may want to come up and do a few songs, and then come back later for an encore.  Everyone (yes, even those who think they can’t carry a tune) is encouraged to join in, even if it’s just backup vocals, or hitting a tambourine.  This really is a family event, so it’s nice you see everyone participate.

We’ll try to have the stage up and ready in the early afternoon, once all the sound checks are complete which includes the traditional 23 mi. DBTR.  :^)   

The Friday night jam has traditionally been electric, with some acoustic.  However, it really doesn’t matter…it’s really up to the each musician.

OPL has a tradition as well, with wooden music, but perhaps there will be a little ‘lectric this year.  Please contact Bill Shaw: if you’re interested in signing up for the OPL Jam.

There should be plenty of acoustic/electric guitars for ya’ll to borrow, especially for those that are coming from afar.

If you have questions, comments, etc. please let me know!

Bill Shaw

On The Beach